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You can find us
beside Roma Hotel, Hadoba, Sheraton str.,
Hurghada, Red Sea
or by phone numbers:

Abdul +20 100 0086617
Olga +20 100 4544832

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Necessary equipment and guest experience:

All safari guests for South, North or St. Johns safaris must have at least a minimum of 30 logged dives.
For all Marine Park routes guests must have at least a minimum 50 logged dives.
Guests may be excluded from diving at the dive guide's discretion should they not fullfill the requirements or be considered experienced enough for specific areas (due to current, depth etc.). In such circumstances, a change in route or choice of a lesser dive site will be applicable for all.

The following equipment and documents should be with every guest upon arrival:

  • Dive planer or Dive computer with spare batteries (recommend)
  • Mask, snorkel, fins and BCD
  • medical statement or Medical examination certificate (divers under age of 40 not older than 2 years, divers over age 40 not older than 1 year) click here
  • Log book
  • certification card
  • regulator with alternative air source
  • torch per buddy team 
  • Dive insurance
  • Passport copy
  • suit (3mm - 7mm) depending of the season. Water temperatures range from 24°C to 28°C April to October and from November through to March 19°C - 24°C.
We would like to point out again at followings:
Without valid brevet, Log book or medical statement or Medical examination certificate, you risk to be excluded from diving during the diving cruise!!!

Marine Park fees and Environmental Taxes:

    These points are always extra from the price and are collecting onboard by your dive-guide in the end of the trip: Environmental Taxes are 2 Euro/per person p/day.
    So for 1 week safari it's 12 Euro p/person per week;

    Marine Park Fees are following:
    North, including Ras Mohamed - 6 Euro p/person (1 day at Ras Mohamed);
    Brother's Island - 45 Euro p/person p/week;
    Brother's - Daedalus - 80 Euro p/person p/week;
    Rocky - Zabargad - 80 Euro p/person p/week;
    Rocky - Zabargad - Daedalus - 80 Euro p/person p/week

Port Galeb Fees:
- for trips start or end in Marsa Galeb extra p/person is 25 Euro p/trip


Payment on board

On board, we do not accept credit cards or cheques! Please, take sufficient cash money with you. Our currency on board are Euro, Dollars or Egyptian Pounds .


Arrival at the airport

Upon arrival at Hurghada or Marsa Alam airport our tour-guide will meet you with the table YALLA DIVE already before passport control to provide you with visa and card. He will accompany you to the bus. And if any problem or any question, please ask him and he will help.

"CHECK IN" time on board will take place in the afternoon.
If you arrive earlier we will bring you first to our office and then you will be transferred on the boat.
Do not hesitate to contact us and clarify the question of transfer to the boat!
You will be driven to the boat by air conditioned bus.


Transfer time between the airport and the boat

    Transfer times are as follow: from the Hurghada airport to Hurghada Marina - 10min.;
    from Hurghada to Marsa Alam or Port Ghalib - approx. 3,5 hrs.
    From Marsa Alam airport to Port Ghalib - 10 min.

Tour Process

Check In on board late afternoon at the arrival day.
Leaving marina on the next day before noon. This day we make 2-3 dives. Next 5 full days in the sea - 3-4 dives per day, depending on the routing, on the weather etc.
Last day (day before departure) max. 2 dives, around 3 p.m. back in to the marina.
Full Board meals & snacks; Soft drinks, tea, Nescafe, juices, mineral water;
Check Out latest on departure day (10:00 a.m. o`clock).
Depending on organization or because of technical reason it is possible to accomodate our guests last night (based on HB) in a hotel.
Transfer back to the airport.


Arrival on Board

First thing on board is take your shoes off and forget about them. They will be stowed away and brought back on the last day of the tour. Next you will be greeted by our crew and a welcome drink. Proceeding this come the check-in formalities. After check-in can everyone go to stow their belongings. First find a dive box under the benches on the dive platform and unload your dive gear there first and then proceed to your cabin. When this is done we can be assure that all material is on board. We call this procedure Gearing Up. When all guests are on board then there will be a briefing about the boat and further information.


Bathrooms and Toilets on the boats

Please do not put any toilet paper or sanitary items of any kind into the toilets. This can lead to blockages in the wastewater system's reservoir. Please use the waste bins. These are emptied daily from the cabin team. For what is the hose in my bathroom? In many countries where trees are few or non-existent, hence no toilet paper, it is used for spraying down one's backside as a substitute for toilet paper.



The cabins on our boats have all portholes. Please, take care that they are closed during sailing or in condition of stormy sea.



Please, do not wear any wet diving or swimming suits in the salon. The upholstered seats need a long time to dry because of the high humidity and floors become very slippery if wet.



We are filling our freshwater tanks constantly and it lasts only so far sometimes so please take care not to excessively shower if not necessary. The dive equipment should and will be cleaned at the end of the tour before departure.


Sleeping on Deck

Yes of course. Especially in the hot summer season is it highly recommended to sleep underneath the stars. You can take a blanket out of the cabin with you just be sure to wipe off the mattresses outside with a towel first and be informed that it can get a little damp from the humidity. But in the morning the blankets need to be back in the cabins.



To smoke in the cabins as well as in the salon is forbidden. On the boats, there are fire alarms fitted - those were installed especially for your safety and are sensitive to even the smallest amount of smoke! Do not throw any cigarette end over board - please, use the ashtrays.


Footwear onboard

It is forbidden to use road shoes onboard. Please take with you bathroom shoes, warm socks, or light sailing shoes.



During the trip all non-alcoholic drinks are free of charge.
Alcoholic drinks fell free to bring with you or we can provide it in the bar but it should be ordered beforehand for some boats and it will extra money.
Approx. price for beer - 2 Euro p/can, wine 15 Euro per bottle or 4 Euro per glass.


The consumption of to much alcohol and diving do not fit together!!!

Check Dive

Every diver even experienced divers have to do the buoyancy-check dive. For the many experienced divers it may seem silly but we want to know, for our conscious as well, that all can dive and that the buoyancy is good by everyone before we hoist the anchor.


Dive Briefings

Please take the briefings seriously and be present. The briefings are important as they give information of what is to expect on the next dive.
After the briefing divers can decide whether they wish to dive or just relax. The dive guide and buddy teams can be better and more efficiently organized this way. The first morning briefing happens quite early, but with a cup of coffee in the hand it is only half so bad.


Marine Parks regulation & Dive Site Limitations

In addition to the normal rules for divers should divers have at least 30 logged dives.
Brothers, Rocky, Zabargad and Daedalus - 50 dives.

Without valid brevet, Log book and medical statement or Medical examination certificate, you risk to be excluded from diving during the diving cruise!!!

Night dives are generally forbidden in the marine parks of the Red Sea.
Keep off on the islands Zabargad and Rocky.


Dive Equipment

For the stowing of dive equipment there are plenty of boxes under the benches on the dive platform.
In these boxes belongs your weight belt, mask, snorkel, boots. etc. but not your dive computer or lamps.
For these items there is an extra place on the platform for them. Wetsuits should be hung up on the hangers and for everyone there is a 12 liter DIN or INT valve connection aluminum tank.
Signal buoys and dive computers are mandatory for every dive.


Rental Equipment and Replacement Parts

Onboard is little rental equipment. You can gladly rent equipment from us but be sure to let us know 7 days before the tour begins so that we can arrange to have it ready and onboard. Attention Wetsuits!! Because we do not have a large assortment of wetsuits and the various sizes it is recommend the wetsuit to rent at a dive shop in your home area, try it on and bring it with you.
The size given by the ordering of rental equipment is final and not disputable. Replacement parts are not available for your equipment onboard so be aware of this before leaving.


Rescue Equipment

Rescue equipment onboard are life jackets (2 in each cabin), life rafts and life savers. In every cabin, plus kitchen and engine room, are smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. We will explain exact locations and handling by the boat's information briefing when you arrive onboard.
Generally, in an emergency is the rule that every guest gathers on the upper deck.


Climate and Clothing

The Red Sea is an arid desert climate, so best would be light comfortable clothing and a jacket for in the evening. Don't forget sun protection and something to cover your ears. In summer the temperatures are around 35°C and in winter around 25°C, this cools down alm ost 10°C in the evenings.



On board we have 220V and with 2 round prong plugs.
For security reason it is not allowed to charge torches or cameras in your cabin. There are charging points provided on the diving deck.



The diving safari crew onboard speaks English. Our dive guides are mostly English, German & Russian speaking.


Enriched Air (NITROX)

Diving with enriched air is possible on most of our boats. We offer Nitrox "FOR FREE" on some of them. If you like to dive with enriched air, please, inform us one week before the dive cruise starts how many persons would like to dive with enriched air. Don't forget to bring with you Nitrox user license.
We fill enriched air in 12l-tanks!
Please, inform us as well if you are interested in a course. Otherwise a course can not be guaranteed.
FREE NITROX: as its complementary in case of technical problems no refund.



Of course non-divers are welcome by us. As each route is different and some do not allow much opportunity for snorkelers, it is recommended that you contact us before booking.
But rest, relaxation and fun are always included.


Crew Tip

A "Bakschisch" - as tips here are called - is more expected than in some other countries.
To avoid unnecessary discussions about the amount of tip we recommend 30 Euro per person per week.
Tip is, however, a voluntary gift as always


Diving Accident

On board, there is a 50l-oxygen tank with mask for diving emergency. The accessories for it are with the captain or the dive guide. First-aid kits are on board, too.
To cover the costs in case of emergency like decompression chamber we recommend to sign a dive insurance.



    Some points from the legal definitions for the environmental control:
    Hunting, fishing, collecting or demolition of corals or shells kills the Red Sea. Dust, oil, fat etc. are forbidden to be poured into the sea.
    It is prohibited to drop the anchor in protected fields.
    Feeding of fish and birds is forbidden.
    Wearing gloves is generally prohibited for divers.
    Touching, walking or standing on corals breaks and kills them.
    The maximum diving depth is 30 m as per regulation by the legislator!

Payment conditions

We require a 30% payment upon booking. Reservation is confirmed only after down payment transfer is confirmed. The remaining amount has to be transferred at least two weeks before the beginning of the trip.
These are standard, non negotiable procedures.


Cancellation fee:

In case of cancellation the following fees are deducted:

  • Until 50th Day before travel start = 10% of Travel expenses
  • From 49th till 35th Day before travel start = 25% of Travel expenses
  • From 34th till 22nd Day before travel start = 50% of Travel expenses
  • From 21st till 15th Day before travel start = 75% of Travel expenses
  • 14 Days before travel start = 100% of Travel expenses


We reserve to ourselves the right to change your booking from one liveaboard to another within the same class if the need arises to do so.
It is as well possible that the guests might have to stay the first or last night of the week in a hotel.