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Daedalus - Fury Shoals

Daedalus - Fury Shoals safari

Round trip distance: 450 km
Daedalus Reef  is aprox. 96 km away from the Egyptian coast. The boat trip to the reef takes about 6 hours from Marsa Alam.
Positioned upon its reef is a large lighthouse signalling to the freight ships passing by. It's lighthouse forms the only break on the horizon for many miles in any direction. Here are the chances very big to see an oceanic whitetip shark because a local resident shark always turns up every afternoon. Other sharks and tuna are also possible here and the reef has a huge thorn coral some 5 meters large. All around it is an extreme variety of fish life. The walls offer some of the most stunning diving in the Red Sea. With vertical, almost inverted walls covered with soft coral and gorgonians, this almost circular reef of around 800m has rightly earned a reputation to be one of the best dives spots in the world. The lighthouse on Daedalus was built 1861 by the British and visiting the lighthouse is free of charge and the view is breathtaking if you didn't already loose your breath climbing all the stairs to the top.  

During the travel we also stop at a few dive sites in the Fury Shoals Region which offers a big variety of dives from easy to quite challenging depending where one dives and an opportunity to snorkelling. It is a Mecca for dolphins. Here are tons of beautiful reefs with thousands of colorful fishes. The biological diversity on corals, both hard and soft, is astonishing. Diving varies from easy to quite challenging depending where one dives such as Sha'ab Maksour with drop off and drift dives, Sha'ab Claudio with caves and his local Napoleon that greets our guests most of the time. Sha'ab Sharm offers a good observation point for viewing passing sharks. Photogenic wrecks can be found at Abu Galawa and not to forget the main spot at the Fury Shoal, Sataya, the dolphin reef with it's easy dives and snorkelling possibility.
On the way back to port we maybe can stop at the famous Elphinston

The exact routes and dive sites that we visit are dependent on weather conditions and the dive experience of the guests on board.