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Fury Shoals Dolphin Tour South

Fury Shoals Tour
Round trip distance: 400 km

Fury Shoals is in southern Egyptian part of the Red Sea and a Mecca for dolphins.
Here are tons of beautiful reefs with thousands of colorful fishes. The biological diversity on corals, both hard and soft, is astonishing. Diving varies from easy to quite challenging depending where one dives such as Sha'ab Maksour with drop off and drift dives, Sha'ab Claudio with caves and his local Napoleon that greets our guests most of the time. Sha'ab Sharm offers a good observation point for viewing passing sharks. Photogenic wrecks can be found at Abu Galawa and not to forget the main spot at the Fury Shoal, Sataya, the dolphin reef with it's easy dives and snorkelling possibility.
Also on a Fury Shoal tour on the way back to port we can stop at the famous Elphinstone.
Some dive spots we are likely to visit:
- Abu Dabab
- Sataya (Dolphin Reef)
- Sha'ab Claudio
- Sha'ab Maksur
- Malahy
- Sha'ab Sharm
- Abu Galawa

The exact routes and dive sites that we visit are dependent on weather conditions and the dive experience of the guests on board. Of course we gladly alter course to meet the wishes of our guests.