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South safari from Marsa Alam

The reef  Elphinstone is one of most beautiful reefs in Egypt. The north and the south plateaus of this reef are alone worth the visit to Egypt.
At the wall and the drop off you will find a lot of spectacular colorful soft corals and also black corals. Because of the remote location of the
reef you can meet the "big fish". It is not unusual here to find Hammerheads, Grey Sharks, Barracudas and dolphins.

Shaab Sharm has got very steep walls, a lot of diversity and the possibility to encounter sharks and other big fish. On the East Side of the reef
you will find a plateau in about 30-m depths, which is overgrown with soft corals. Here you can see schools of Barracudas, Snappers and Groupers.

The lagoon Shaab Samadai (Marine park since 2004, to protect the dolphins) on request. This place called also Dolphin House lures itself the
exciting experience with dolphins to snorkels, which you find here during the day. Also the dipping places at this reef spoil the diver.
At the exteriors of the reef there are "Drop-offs" and at one "Erg" you can discover in 5 m deep very interesting caves.

Shaab Maksur: The south plateau offers a superb diving site. You will find here three coral pinnacles, which are overgrown with red soft corals,
they contain several caves and crevices where glassfish, groupers, morays and other creature hide among the soft corals and gorgonias.
Fish are also plentiful and large schools of carangids, surgeons and other small fish can be seen here. With luck you can see sharks at the edge of the plateau.

Abu Galawa: Here a wreck lies in 18 m, which sank in the 50's. It is so overgrown with all kinds of hard corals, that it takes a little bit time till you recognize the bridge,
rail and the funnel of the ship. The wreck is very appealing for every photographer. Also it is nice to do a night dive at Abu Galawa. With a little bit luck, you can see a Spanish dancer.