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Brother's Islands Ц Daedalus- Elphinstone

The Brothers - It is easy to become overwhelmed by the shark action here and forget to enjoy the islands amazing walls, which are covered in gigantic soft corals. There are two excellent shipwrecks on Big Brotherwhile shark sightings are guaranteed on Little Brother. Here greys, white tips, silver tips, hammerheads and threshers are all present when conditions are right. Whale Sharks and Manta's are also frequently spotted.

Deadelus - The small, isolated Reef, also known as Abu el-Kizan lies nearly halfway to Saudi Arabia. Its walls are equally as good as the Brothers Islands, carpeted in softcorals, hard corals & enormous sea fans . Some of the hard coral is awesome and and the underwater scenery is just as spectacular as Little Brother.Dived less often and more unspoiled this place is our pick of all the Southern sites. Expect to see schooling Baraccuda, Jacks, Tuna, Rainbow runners, Grey Reef Sharks and Hammerheads. Threshers and Dolphins can also be seen on occasions as can Mantas and Whale Sharks. A large field of beautiful anemones/clownfish, easily ranks with Anemone City at Ras Mohammed.

Elphinstone - Strong currents will take you on one of the most adrenaline charged drifts of your life! along amazing sheer walls covered in soft corals and teaming with fish. The place to get the real buzz is on the North plateau you'll need motorised fins to reach it, but when you do you will find yourself surrounded by white tips, grey reefs or even hammerheads. On the south plateau there is a deep archway at 55m where thresher sharks can often be seen.